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About Brickshore Media

Brickshore Media is a full service public relations  firm located in Nashville, Tenn. With a fresh, savvy approach to modern day media, Brickshore Media specializes in public relations, digital publicity, social media marketing and event coordination for brands and artists that are looking to create an awareness across multiple platforms within the industry. 


Owned and operated by Nicole Zeller, Brickshore Media was launched in 2016 and quickly became one of the fastest-rising firms in Nashville to represent artists. With personal relationships and key contacts in print, television, syndicated radio and the online world for over 17 years, Brickshore Media specializes in cost-effective, personalized campaigns that exceed the expectations of our clients. We rely on determination, hard work, and creative innovative ideas.

Let us build a solid foundation for your career.


Nicole Zeller

Publicist / Owner

Nicole is a professional publicist with over 17 years of experience creating PR initiatives for entertainment and corporate clients. She has successfully spearheaded strategic campaigns that have achieved national and international print, broadcast and online media placements. Nicole has been accountable for developing, managing and implementing strategic PR campaigns for clients, along with direct day-to-day PR/marketing activities.


She has worked for the likes of Ashton Shepherd, Brady Seals, Bryan White, Chase Rice, Emmylou Harris, Justin Moore, Lynn Anderson, Mark Chesnutt, Phil Vassar, William Lee Golden (Oak Ridge Boys), among others and was involved in publicity campaigns for the Nashville Film Festival, Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival, Johnny Cash Museum, Tina Turner Museum, and more. She also worked for Sony BMG, where she managed tour press for country artists/hit songwriters Keith Anderson and Bobby Pinson.

Nicole is an active ACM and CMA member and is a mentor for the Nashville Women In Film & TV organization. Nicole's company, Brickshore Media, has partnered with numerous organizations and companies including St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Tri-Star Centennial Children's Hospital, as well as the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville to help launch their brunch menu in which she organizes a monthly brunch show, featuring Brickshore Media clients and friends.

She hails from The Garden State (New Jersey) and is a college graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations/Recording Industry, with a minor in Marketing and Communications.


Random Facts:

  • Had to learn to pump her own gas when she moved to TN from NJ

  • Likes to have a little water with her glass of limes

  • First job was working at a western store in New Jersey (yes, they do exist)

  • Went swimming with dolphins in Cozumel, Mexico

Haven Graham

Publicity Assistant


Haven is a Music Industry graduate at Troy University. She has had a passion for music from a young age. From taking piano lessons to eventually joining band in 6th grade on trombone, her love for music only grew and she knew at age 12 that she wanted to pursue a career in music. While performing with the POPulus popular music ensemble at Troy, Haven fell in love with the marketing side of the industry and therefore went on to pursue a marketing internship. Haven is so excited to be Brickshore Media's newest team member. 

Random Facts:

  • Played the harp in the Celtic Ensemble at Troy

  • Attend Hangout Music Festival any chance I get

  • Have two cats who I love very much

  • Performed in many ensembles including Symphony Band, Basketball Pep Band, Marching Band, Indian Ensemble, and Trombone Octet


Lizzie Chladek
PR/Social Media Assistant

Lizzie Chladek is studying Journalism and Photography at Belmont University. Growing up she knew she had a love for writing, music, and photography. Once she came to Nashville for college, the idea of being able to combine all three into a future career in music and entertainment became the new goal. Being able to serve artists with marketing is somewhere she never saw herself early on, but is a place she is so happy she ended up at and Lizzie is incredibly excited to be able to do that with Brickshore Media as a summer intern.

Random Facts:

  • Performed as Gretyl Von Trapp in the Sound of Music in 4th grade

  • Has a dog named Happy Dreams

  • Grew up in a soccer family and was an avid soccer juggler

  • Orders Salmon at Longhorn Steakhouse every year on her birthday because it’s that good

Internship photo.JPG

Jerica Stanley
PR/Social Media Assistant

Originally from Oneida, Tennessee (a small town in East Tennessee), Jerica Stanley is a rising senior at MTSU majoring in Music Business. From an early age, she always loved music and live shows. She has experience in live events and social media content and creation. She is so excited to be interning at Brickshore Media to learn more about publicity and gain hands-on experience.

Random Facts:

  • Went on a road trip to 6 states for the Jonas Brothers

  • Broken her right arm 3 times

  • She is left-handed

  • She is currently the live events executive for the student run record label at MTSU. 



“I’ve been in the music business for over 30 years and I’ve had the privilege to work with some wonderful publicists. I have to say that Nicole Zeller at Brickshore Media is at the top of the list. She delivered and then some! She released a well-worded press release that got issued to all of the news outlets/organizations that we needed to hit. She also was on top of all of the latest strategies for social media and created a stellar campaign. I couldn’t be more satisfied with her effort, commitment and talent.”

– Brady Seals, Grammy-nominated hit singer/songwriter (Little Texas – wrote number one hits including What Might Have Been, God Blessed Texas, My Love, etc.)

"I couldn't be more thrilled to be working with Nicole again. She is brilliant, personable and professional. What is impressive to me is that she covers all the bases, and seems to not only get everything done but also goes that extra mile. That is something I truly value in a publicist.”

– Bryan White, Grammy award-winning country artist

"Brickshore Media is truly one of a kind. Nicole Zeller is one of the hardest working people in the business. Not only is she professional and creative, but also caring and a pleasure to work with. I am so glad she is in my life."

– Cyndi Thomson, Chart-Topping Country Artist

“Nicole Zeller is a publicist I have come to respect and trust with my music career. If you want to hire a publicist that’s as passionate about music as you are then Nicole is your gal. She puts her heart and soul into everything and I’m glad to be back working with her.” 

- Ashton Shepherd, Billboard chart-topping country artist

"My true dream team right here! I love working with Nicole Zeller and the entire Brickshore Media staff. While, as a whole, Brickshore is a well oiled machine they are able to define and depict what you personally need as an artist and see to it that it happens. They are the true believers and shakers of the industry!!"

Cherish Lee, Trailblazing country artist (daughter of entertainment icons Johnny Lee - "Lookin' For Love" and Charlene Tilton - Lucy Ewing on hit TV show "Dallas")


"If you're looking for a great publicist I highly recommend Nicole Zeller! I've known Nicole for several years; she's hard working and very good at her job. Whether I'm doing a radio interview with one of her clients or asking her to help get the word out on one of my promotion acts, she always comes thru. You're in great hands with Nicole and Brickshore Media!"

– Jim Quinton, Owner/Operator of Radio Promotion Nashville & Country PD/MD for WYYZ AM & FM in Jasper, GA

“Brickshore Media is that company that takes a personal interest in YOUR business. They are never satisfied until you are satisfied. Nicole Zeller is a tireless worker and is always energetic. We are extremely pleased with our relationship and the progress of our business!”  

- Captain Jack, Owner, Renegade Radio Nashville and Jersey Shore Country

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nicole Zeller on many different projects over the past few years. Whenever I find out that she is going to be part of an artist’s team that I’m on, I know that the Press/PR and Interviews that the artist will be doing will be handled 110%. She approaches each of her clients’ press campaigns with unmatched professionalism and true concern for the professional growth of each artist. Nicole’s reputation in the industry, her drive and her contacts should make her a first choice for any artist that wants to build a successful career campaign.”

– Steve Baker, Visual Image Marketing

We have worked with Nicole and Brickshore Media since the company's inception, and we are always happy to have her involved with an artist campaign that we are working on. She has great relationships, excellent follow through and contributes creatively."

– Nancy Tunick, GrassRoots Promotion 

“Working with Brickshore Media is a pleasure. Nicole has everything I need when she sends me artist submissions. Setting up interviews with her clients is very easy and her attention to detail to make sure the interviews go off without a hitch makes my life easier. I would recommend Nicole without hesitation to any artist looking for a publicist.”

– Tim Board, Owner, Front Range Radio


"Nicole Zeller at Brickshore Media is a sure bet. She’s got mega experience, yet a fresh perspective. Highly recommended. I have worked with her with several of my management clients over many years. She gets the job done (and I’m not easy to please)."

– Justin Hill, Hill Productions and Media Group, Inc.

"Nicole Zeller is an outstanding communicator and coordinator which is key to being a successful publicist.  Her stable of artists are extremely talented and one can tell by observation and feedback of how much she is appreciated by her clients. I am grateful that publicists like Nicole exist and she is a role model for women in the industry." 

Don Thatcher, Host, Deans of Nashville

“Nicole Zeller and Brickshore Media are hands down the TOP TIER, cream of the crop in Nashville publicists and artist public relations. Helpful, positive, problem solvers who go above and beyond the call of duty in EVERY event and situation. I know I will personally never find a better crew to handle the face of my public brand and career.”

– Jordan Rainer, Artist

“Total pros. Nicole is so easy to work with. Her clients are very lucky to have her on their side. I highly recommend Brickshore Media. We’ve been dealing with them for a while and have never once had any issues. In this town, that’s a rare and beautiful thing.”

– Patti McClintic, Think Country Music

“Nicole and the Brickshore Media team have been an invaluable part in building the foundation for Williams Honor and our branding. As it becomes tougher for all of us to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of our music industry, Nicole will help you stay on top of those changes, and advise you on who to hit in the media, and how hard to hit them. Her passion for her work is top tier and her commitment to us is humbling. Not only is she talented and great with her clients, but also loves to have fun with everyone she's working with. We wouldn't have it any other way.”

– Williams Honor (Gordon Brown & Reagan Richards), Artist

"Center Stage Magazine has been working with Nicole Zeller at Brickshore Media since our inception. From her clients to the live shows, Brickshore Media has ALWAYS put in so much time and effort to ensure everyone has a good time. Their work ethic is something to be admired and we wish every PR firm operated this way. Nicole really loves her clients and it shows. We are so honored to have been included in so many of her artists journeys and cannot wait till the next adventure with Brickshore Media and all of their wonderful staff!"

- Missy Wolf and Tommy Lemon, Center Stage Magazine

“Brickshore Media is amazing! Nicole Zeller is incredible and someone you can trust 100%, something not always easy to find in the industry. She looks out for her client’s best interests and is always honest when giving an opinion or genuine advice which I appreciate so much. She makes releases and new projects a lot less stress free on me and you can count on her to get things done. THANK YOU GUYS!”

– Andrea Vasquez, Artist

“Finding Nicole Zeller & Brickshore Media has been the greatest blessing to my career. When I started as a young artist unfamiliar with the industry, it was hard to find people you really trust. Nicole has shown me time and time again that she is here for me and never falls short. She is someone who I know without a doubt will go to bat for me and push me to be the best I can. She truly believes in me, and that is someone you want on your team. I constantly hear about the professionalism of Brickshore Media whenever I am doing media interviews. Everybody loves Nicole and Brickshore Media! I’m so very happy to be a part of the family.” Molly Lovette, Artist

"Nicole Zeller came highly recommended when I was in search for a publicist. After speaking with her, I knew she was the publicist we needed to help take Jagertown to the next level in their career. We’re excited to be a part of her talented roster and I think with the team we have built; we can accomplish anything.”

- James Gist, Manager, G&N Entertainment

"Brickshore Media has been instrumental in launching my career as an artist and as a songwriter. Nicole Zeller and her wonderful staff ensures that every day runs smoothly, whether it be a release day or just your average run of the mill day in the music industry. Nicole and her team are there to assist with anything that might arise. Brickshore's reputation in the music industry is second to none and Nicole's work ethic demonstrates just how committed she is to the artists' success."

- Mark Taylor, Artist

“I am not sure where to start by saying how happy I am to have Nicole Zeller and the Brickshore Media team working with me! Nicole is so personable, and is just a joy, as she works tirelessly for the artists she represents. I am so happy, and honored to be one of the artists she represents and to be a part of the Brickshore family. Thank you for all you do, Nicole and team!"

- Annie Vander, Artist

“We love working with Nicole Zeller at Brickshore Media. I love her heart, her commitment, her energy and vision. We have so many plans for Hope Nation Radio, it's exciting. I encourage anybody who wants to take a professional step forward in the music business to give Nicole and her staff a call. If you want to build your brand? I'd make that call! Thank you, girl, for being our PR Ninja and loving these kiddos as much as we do. You’re awesome!”

- Nile Peaytt, Owner/Founder, Hope Nation Radio

Nicole has been a godsend for me as an artist and I’m incredibly grateful for her unwavering honesty, impeccable work ethic and creative thinking. From the get-go, I was impressed with how organized and efficient Nicole was in working hard to secure interviews, features and premieres on my behalf. She is a powerhouse and if you’re in need of guidance in this industry, team up with the best this business has to offer and work with Brickshore Media." 

– Noelle Toland, Artist

“I have been associated with numerous artist career promotions and events with Nicole Zeller and Brickshore Media. In my established role of Artist Development and Production, I have found the dedication and work ethic displayed by Nicole and her staff is excellent. In an age when both the entertainment industry and fans can be overwhelmed by an endless stream of content from multiple media sources - the steps required to elevate and impact musical artists are evident in the growth of Brickshore Media. 

– Jeffrey Teague, Owner, Artist & Repertoire


"Nicole Zeller and Brickshore Media have been so instrumental in all areas of my young career.  There are many companies that can develop and release good PR, but from my experience, there are so few that drive an artist’s career beyond the words like Nicole and her team does for me every day.  And there is not one other that I would call family.  Nicole is like the big sister that won’t let me wear her clothes, but will stand up for me every time someone tries to get in my way or knock me down…I love Nicole and Brickshore Media!"

- Bailey James, Artist

“Nicole is a great PR person and takes time to consider her client’s needs. She is on time with deadlines and delivered a great PR campaign for our artist. Loved working with Brickshore!”

– Max Thomas, Manager, Night Roads Entertainment

"I can't speak highly enough of Nicole Zeller and everyone at Brickshore Media. We are a UK based social media platform and working with Brickshore and their clients on livestreams has been an absolute pleasure. Everyone involved at Brickshore are so professional and it's helped me grow my channel at the same time and get my name out within the Nashville music community. For any new artists out there looking to get their music out to a wider audience then Nicole and the Brickshore team are the people to help you."

- Paul England, Live Country Sessions

"Brickshore Media has been awesome to work with. From the start, they understood our needs and vision as well as our uniqueness. This helped them express what we are all about to the world. The many years of industry experience also are evident as Nicole Zeller seems to know the right contacts, the people who relate to our message and the best place for us to grow next in our worldwide presence. That is a pretty powerful combination! We would say she is “hamstacular!”

– TRHibe (aka: The Runaway Hamsters), Artist

“Having known Nicole since both of our earliest days in the music business, it’s been so much fun to be able to witness her drive and determination as she’s grown her company, Brickshore Media, into one of the most reputable through each inevitable twist and turn that naturally arrives in the road. Her ability to not only discover the freshest talent, but to be a consistent source who knows exactly what we’re looking for within our coverage zone makes our working relationship very fluid and keeps us anticipating who she’ll bring to our attention next!”

- Today's Country Magazine

“In my four years working with publicists, I have seen a tremendous decline in companies' hands-on approach to clients and media outlets. Yet, Nicole and her team at Brickshore Media makes an effort to nurture relationships. Something I will always value over a generic email.”

– Southern Fellow

“Although a new name on the Nashville publicity scene, Brickshore Media has already made an impact under the guidance of Nicole Zeller.  Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s is just the beginning with Brickshore Media…there’s just never any guesswork, working with them and their clients. They’re always on top of their game!”

– Camo, Co-host for The Nashville Channel

“I was so happy to hear when Nicole Zeller opened her own firm. She was my very first publicist when I released my debut single back in 2013 and I’m glad to have her back on my team. After all, Jersey girls need to stick together.”

– Kayla Calabrese, Artist


“I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Nicole Zeller countless times for a wide variety of events with many high-profile artists as well as venues she has represented. Always professional. Always on top of everything. Always can count on a top-notch experience!”

– Bev Moser, Moments By Moser

“You can tell Nicole truly cares about each one of her clients, believes in them, and makes each one of us a priority. I’m excited to be a part of such a great group of talented artists on her roster.”

– Crystal Day, Multi-talented artist and children's book author 


“I’m to be able to work with Nicole again. She always went above and beyond in every aspect of my career and has achieved so much for me. I’m glad to have her back as part of my team.”

– Travis Rice, Artist

“Nicole Zeller is a master at building rapport with her clients. Her ability to quickly develop trust with artists is an invaluable tool in growing their confidence level…and in the Music Industry, confidence is vitally important. I highly recommend Brickshore Media!”

Randy Barber, Bar Frog Music

“The team at Brickshore Media, and with Nicole Zeller at the helm, provides a unique kind of personal support and mastery of public relations curated specifically for each artist. They bring a deep understanding and feel for the industry with a customized plan designed to succeed. I’m proud to work with them, and feel well represented in Nashville and beyond.” 

- Carrie Zaruba, Artist 

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